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Henan Public Fire Science and Technology Co., LTD., established in 2006, is a professional fire detection and maintenance unit approved by Henan Provincial Fire Brigade, and one of the eight units participating in the special management of provincial building fire facilities in 2006。Our company passed the review of the work of the company by the Henan Provincial Fire Brigade, and obtained the certificate issued by the Henan Provincial Fire BrigadeCertificate of Qualification for the Maintenance and Testing of first-class Fire Fighting Facilities,Our company has 8 senior engineers, 15 registered fire engineers, 20 engineers, 30 technical testing personnel above junior college, and 23 intermediate building and structure firefighters.The company has more than ten years of maintenance and testing experience。Has a more professional team, can be engaged in all kinds of fire facilities, electrical safety testing and fire facilities maintenance work。

The company has innovated the fire management model,Strengthen the supervisory unit's business supervision function of subordinate units and maintenance units,Give full play to the subjective initiative of each responsible party;Clear boundaries of responsibilities,Clarify the responsibility boundaries of the operators, users and beneficiaries of the fire fighting Internet of Things, grid and other systems;On the basis of GI map, the platform displays the operation of fire fighting facilities, property management information and maintenance work information with buildings as management units,Fire facilities supervision information, etc,According to the intact condition of the building's fire protection facilities, the fire hazard information can be automatically evaluated and pushed to the mobile law enforcement terminal,The formation of automatic research and judgment, targeted fire supervision of a new model。The simple unit intelligent fire protection construction platform helps realize the perfect integration of fire protection informatization construction and intelligent fire protection construction, promotes the sharing of fire-related data resources, and becomes an important part and typical demonstration application of intelligent fire protection supervision construction of management units.Achieve unified management of supervisory units。

Business scope: fire facilities testing, fire facilities maintenance, electrical fire safety testing, fire engineering construction, fire technical services, fire judicial identification and so on。The company can conduct a comprehensive inspection of the user's fire protection system,And provide the best maintenance program,Maintenance items include automatic fire alarm system, automatic sprinkler system, hydrant fire extinguishing system, fire water supply system, gas fire extinguishing system, mechanical smoke control and ventilation and air conditioning system, fire shutter, fire door, foam fire extinguishing system, etc。Through our company's maintenance can ensure the normal operation of fire facilities, and through the annual inspection to obtain the certificate of fire department。Our company can provide fire rectification services for units in need, including on-site investigation and design, providing the best transformation plan, budgeting, organizing construction, etc., to provide users with quality services and meet fire protection requirements with the most reasonable investment。Our company is willing to serve the majority of users and provide a full range of services in the field of fire protection。

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The inspection of building fire control facilities is an important means for the fire control safety inspection of buildings (structures) entrusted by the government with the corresponding qualification of fire control technical service institutions。Through equipment testing, inspection and other technical means, the safety status of key units of fire safety can be quantitatively analyzed, and the energy utilization status of key units of fire safety can be evaluated according to the relevant national fire laws and regulations and technical standards。
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